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Longarm Quilting


Word of mouth is by far the best way to find a good longarm quilter. Try and see some examples of their work and talk to them in person about your quilt. Agree together on the design and the thread to be used. Sometimes you supply the wadding and backing fabric sometimes they will supply.

Make sure you know what they are providing and how much it will cost. Will they collect the quilt or will it be posted or sent by courier? Just ask.

Trying to choose a design can be daunting, but your longarm quilter can help with this. Start by considering the event or person the quilt is for. If it is for a special occasion, then customized quilting may be appropriate. It will cost more. If it is for a child or there are very busy prints, then it would be wasted.

Consider shapes that you like or that have been used in the quilt, hearts, leaves or swirls. Remember there are no right or wrong answers it is all down to personal taste and enhancing the work you have already put in.                                                                                                                  Don’t feel guilty about sending your quilt off. It is about doing the bits you enjoy and can do and not subjecting yourself to the pain and stress of doing bits you are not very good at or physically can’t do.

When you have found the right longarm quilter then it is just like sending the quilt to finishing school. It comes back a well-rounded complete quilt!

We only ever send our quilts to Sheila Wilkinson at The Quilting Studio.
email her at