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Quilt Labels

We are always telling people that you must label your quilt. This is the one we put on our EPP Sampler Block of the Month. We attached the label by turning under a ¼” hem all around, and then using a matching thread and neat stitches, slip hemmed it just to the backing fabric, and finished by giving it a press.
You could also apply fusible web to the back of the label and stick it to the back of the quilt. You would need to stitch it in place for longevity.

 Why label a quilt?
Putting details of when, how and where the quilt was made can be of great interest to you and your loved ones in years to come. If it gets lost, it will help to identify it, and it can be of great value to historians in the future.

What should you put on the label?
The name of the quilt
The name of the maker(s)
The date the quilt was started and finished
The event/person the quilt was made for
You could add: what inspired the quilt, what blocks were used, what materials and techniques were used, was it entered in a competition
A favourite quotation
Any special washing instructions

Labels can be;
Hand written with a fine permanent marker
Hand or machine embroidered
Printed onto fabric
Or any combination of the above!
We pieced and hand embroidered our label. Really, it needs to be in keeping with the front of the quilt.