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Advice on Buying Fabric

Buying Fabric

Thinking time before buying

Inspiration for your colour scheme is all around, in your home, garden, wrapping paper, magazines or paintings.

Variety in fabric colour, pattern size and style all add to an eye-catching quilt.

It is important to consider what design and what size you are going to make, so that you can buy the correct quantities of each fabric.


Where to start

Choose one fabric that you really like.  If possible one that has several colours in it.

The selvedge edge of many fabrics shows the colours that have been used to create the design.  It is an easy way to find which colours will co-ordinate with your chosen fabric.


Choosing and how they work together.

Separate the bolts you’re interested in from the other fabrics

Stack the bolts horizontally to see the fabrics as they may appear when cut into smaller pieces

Take the bolts to an area where there is the most natural light

When you have collected your first set of fabrics look at them from about six feet away, because:

          Small prints blend into one another

          Colours can change because of the size of their design

          Small, medium or large designs impact colour intensity