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Some Good Advice when Buying a Sewing Machine

Always, always, try before you buy. Insist on sitting at and sewing on the machine yourself.
Ask questions, especially if the demonstration is fast and slick.  Make sure you know what you need the machine to do for you. Know what kind of sewing you plan to do, then the dealer can help you choose the machine best suited to your requirements.
Take along a couple of samples of the types of fabric you use most often. Some work in progress samples, an applique block, many machines will do a blanket stitch but not all are suitable for applique work; a small quilt sandwich; a binding and be sure to stitch a buttonhole.  Look out for balanced, even stitching no matter which direction the machine is sewing- it’s a good test.
It is possible to feel, hear and see the difference between a good and a not so good machine. The right machine will make your sewing easy, honestly!
Also check that all the accessories that you require for your quilting, embroidery or dressmaking are all available for the model of machine you are buying (eg walking foot/dual feed foot, ¼” foot; free motion/darning foot.  Check how to lower and raise the feed dogs too!
Think carefully before you start to visit persuasive salespeople and seductive showrooms.
Advantages of a local dealer
Help is just a phone call away and they will have direct support from the machine’s manufacturer.
Classes are available after purchasing the machine, giving you the opportunity to learn everything you can about what your machine is capable of, and to test optional accessories that could extend your skills and capabilities.
Most know the local sewing community so you can meet others who share your interests.