Open Wednesday-Saturday 22nd-25th this week.

Village Fabrics Club Membership

If you are hooked on this quilting lark it may benefit you to sign up to our club.
It has been known for a customer to ‘earn’ back their membership in their first transaction!

The benefits are numerous -
· you hand over £14.00 for the first year and we give you 5% off fabric, haberdashery and books.
· as an introduction we give you 2 free background fat quarters, and wait for it …  a Village Fabrics lapel badge.
· when you come to renew annually the price is £12.50, and each year your fabric discount increases by 2.5%, top discount is 10%.
· when there is a sale on in store your membership discount is added to the sale discount, given a maximum possible discount of 30%.
· block of the month quilts are reduced.
· basting room hire is reduced.

If you'd like to join the club, just give us a call on 01491 204100.

Go on you know it makes sense!