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Lady Sewing

I have just visited the artist, Geri Melchers’ house and studio, in Falmouth, Virginia. The talent of the man was amazing with just paper and charcoal he could create lifelike portraits. The lady sewing is his wife Corinne. On display with original paintings were some of the preparatory drawings and sketches providing a fascinating insight into the development of the composition, balance and colours used in the final painting. That process is very familiar in the creation of our patchwork quilt kits.

Above is the view, coming up from the river walk of his home, Belmont. Below is the print of the painting I couldn’t resist and now there will have to be some tactical packing. The trees and sky are just wonderful, this was his first oil painting.

I also had a 12oz honey cinnamon flat white coffee. Sometimes I swear it’s a completely different language!

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