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Travels in the US

It is amazing where you can find thread is my first comment. See the pic that was in a window at Heathrow airport. Are we quilters and sewers infiltrating on the quiet? I do hope so.

Nashville is wet. Very wet.

But undeterred Rose and I have ventured out and have been rewarded by meeting lots of very friendly talented ladies at QuiltCon, it was dry inside.

Lots of quilting, blocks of colour, low volume backgrounds, good use of negative space and a new vocabulary for me. But as I always say when it is good no matter the medium you know it is good and can appreciate the talent. The quilt below was the first one I took a photo of and it was one of many quilts made for charity that were hung along the entrance and around the walls within the exhibition. 

Then to climb back into my comfort zone for a little, the second picture is of a Dear Jane quilt given a modernist touch.


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