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Attention to Detail

At Village Fabrics we pride ourselves on how we present our unique quilt kits and patchwork fabric bundles. So when I arrived at the Victorian built, Bennett House in Manassas for the first part of my trip I was delighted to find someone who paid as much attention to detail as we do. 


There were freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in my room, white bed linen and a ceiling fan. I feel pampered and as I sat on the porch swing reading, I could have been in 1860 not 2018. You all know I am a bit of a history buff so no surprise that I will be walking around a couple of American Civil War battlefields in the next few days, weather permitting as the temperature is in the 90s.

The travelling has been straight forward and as you can take knitting needles on the airplane I got a bit of a shawl done. The lighting was not good enough and the flight not smooth enough for my hand quilting.

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